School Board

The Ardross Primary School Board has an official role, as defined by the Department of Education, which includes reviewing school performance; developing and reviewing the school Business Plan; reviewing and approving school budgets and charges; and establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions. In addition to this official role, we agree to be ambassadors and advocates for the school; develop a culture of service; support our staff; and be available to other parents.


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Ardross Primary School Board is made up of 10 members who meet in weeks 4 and 8 of each term. 


The members of the School Board include:


Chairperson : Geoff Cooper 

Parent Representatives : Zoe Atkinson, Lucy Dias, Jane Gibberd , Alex Smith, Paul Crawshaw.

Principal : Sue Mikkelsen-Taylor

Staff Representatives :  Kellie Foote, Denise Moore, Fiona Schaper, Ali Chesterfield & Robert Marshall (shared)


The functions of the School Board are as follows:

a) to take part :

      i) in establishing, and reviewing from time to time, the school's objectives, priorities and general policy directions;

      ii) in the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions;

      iii) in evaluating the school's performance in achieving them; and

      iv) formulating codes of conduct for students at the school.

b) to promote the school in the community;

c) to determine, in consultation with students, their parents and staff of the school, a dress code for students when they are attending or representing the school;

d) To consult with the Principal on:

      i) any general policy concerning the use in school activities of prayers, songs and materials based on religious, spiritual or moral values: sections 68(2)(b) and 70(a); and

      ii) the implementation of special religious education: sections 69(2) and 70(b).

e) To approve:

      i) any charge or contribution: sections 99(3) and (4);

      ii) the costs to be paid for participation in an extra cost optional component of the school’s educational programme: sections 100(1) and (3);

      iii) the items that are to be supplied to a student for the student’s personal use in the school’s educational programme: sections 108(1) and (2); and

      iv) any agreement or arrangement for advertising or sponsorship entered into by the principal: sections 216(5) and (6).


To read the School Board Constitution click on the link below:

School Board Constitution


To read the School Board Code of Conduct click on the link below:

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