Parent and Citizens - P&C

We welcome and encourage everyone from our wonderful school community to take the time to learn about the Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) and invite you to attend any of our meetings throughout the year.  The meetings are an opportuntiy for you to get behind the scenes in the day to day running of the school and become involved as little or as much as you like.

Looking forward to seeing you.  


2023 P&C Committee
  • President – Cindy Webster
  • Vice Presidents – Justine Penno and Fiona Hood
  • Treasurer – Melissa Fletcher
  • Secretary – Estabelle Ang
  • Uniform Shop Coordinators – Justine Penno and Kelly Siebel
  • Class Parent Representative Coordinator – Fiona Hood
  • P&C Representative to the School Board – Kelly Siebel
  • Events Coordinator – Melissa Fletcher
  • Social Media Coordinator – Estabelle Ang 
  • Grant Applications Officers – Lotta Powell and Ashish Mishra
  • Executive Committee Members – Sue Mikkelsen-Taylor, Cindy Webster, Lotta Powell, Melissa Fletcher, Casey Wilkins, Michael Rogerson and Fiona Hood.
2023 Meeting Dates
Meetings are held at 7pm in the school staff room

14 March (in the Library for this meeting only)

2 May

6 June

25 July

22 August

12 September

17 October

14 November


Minutes from previous meeting

AGM Meeting 21/2/23

P&C Meeting Minutes 14/03/23

P&C Meeting Minutes 02/05/23


For further P&C updates, please like and follow the Ardross P&C Facebook page.