Our Vision

At Ardross Primary School we are committed to providing an inclusive, collaborative and dynamic environment where students ate enriched with the values and skills to become active citizens; sensitive to the importance of sustainability and to our changing world.

We aim to accomplish this through:-

High Quality Teaching & Learning

At our school, there is a shared ownership over student achievement and progress. Students are supported by passionate educators who provide motivating and effective learning programs which utilise evidence-based teaching strategies.

Positive Collaboration & Partnerships
Our school recognises that a positive school climate and quality partnerships are powerful influences of a school's success. We strive to continually strengthen effective relationships between staff, students, parents and the broader community to support improved student outcomes.

Fostering an Inclusive Learning Environment
Our school provides a safe, positive learning environment based on the idea that every student has the right to learn. A student's physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being are important prerequisites to learning, and we provide supports for all students, particularly those at educational risk.

Strong Governance & Leadership
Our school seeks to empower excellence through proactive and consultative school leadership and governance practices. Leaders in our school strive for clarity of vision and foster a shared sense of direction, ensuring the resources of our school are allocated and used to support programs to maximise student outcomes.