Staff Leadership

We believe in staff involvement in decision-making through delegated distributed leadership. Ardross Primary School promotes succession management by building strong and effective leaders for the future. We actively seek staff for promotional and active leadership roles in the school. 


Professional Learning Teams (PLT)

These 5 teams are Kindergarten/Pre-primary, Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6 and the Specialist team.  Professional Learning Teams are an approach to school improvement where groups of educators share expertise and work collaboratively at a school level to improve student outcomes.


Leadership Team 

This team consists of the Professional Learning Team Leaders, the Principal and Deputy Principals.  As a cohesive group, representing the whole school, they  meet to discuss school priorities directly linked to the School Business Plan.   This team meets once a term.


Executive Team 

The Principal, Deputy Principals and Manager Corporate Service provide an overview, review and feedback for all committees and teams in the school. It is this teams function to assist teachers to teach smarter not work harder. We actively seek solutions to Classrooms First principles in everything we do. This team meets once a week.


Well-Being Committee 

This is combined mix of staff which looks after staff morale, social and emotional support for all staff in the school.