Staff Leadership

We believe in staff involvement in decision-making through delegated distributed leadership. Ardross Primary School promotes succession management by building strong and effective leaders for the future. We actively seek staff for promotional and active leadership roles in the school to enhance school improvement and student outcomes.


Executive Team

The Executive Team leads the strategic and operational management of the school, seeking to assist teachers to teach smarter, not work harder.

The Executive Team consists of the Principal, Deputy Principals and the Manager Corporate Services.


Leadership Team 

The Leadership Team meet to review and plan for ongoing school improvement across the school. Discussions are guided by the strategic plans of the Department and the school.

The Leadership Team consists of the Principal, Deputy Principals and the Professional Learning Team Leaders.


Professional Learning Teams

The Professional Learning Teams share expertise, work collaboratively, and engage in action learning to drive school improvement from the classrooms. 

In 2022, there are four Professional Learning Teams - K/PP/Yr1, Yr2/3, Yr4/5/6, Specialists


Student Services Team

The Student Services Team leads and facilitates interventions to target additional academic, physical, social and emotional needs of our students.

The Student Services Team consists of the Student Services Deputy Principals, Learning Support Coordinator, School Psychologist, and Chaplain.



Committees provide strategic and operational leadership in whole-school initiatives which move beyond curriculum implementation. Each committee nominates a committee leaders to facilitate and coordinate the planning and actions of the committee. All staff are encouraged to participate in a committee targeting an area of particular interest or relevancy to their current role.

In 2022, there are five Committees - Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Students at Educational Risk (SAER), Staff Health & Well-being, Sustainability, and Cultural Awareness.


Priority Area Lead Teachers

Priority Area Lead Teacher are responsible for leading the planning, implementation and review of identified areas for improved teaching and learning with our school.

Priority Area Lead Teachers are provided additional time to lead their priority area, and meet regularly with the Principal or Curriculum Deputy Principal to discuss the actions and outcomes.