About Us

Ardross Primary School was established in 1961. The school offers an educational programme for children years Kindergarten to Year 6.

At our school we take a holistic approach to student academic achievement, social and emotional wellbeing and resilience, and active citizenship. A culture of high expectations, underpinned by schoolwide instructional practices, make Ardross Primary School a school of choice. We are proud of our positive recognition at state, national and international levels for students' excellence, developing critical and higher order thinking skills, and environmental education.

Our educational environment is enhanced through evidence-based practices, specialist programs and a range of extra-curricular opportunities, and promotes collaboration to support excellence and accountability. Our professional and dedicated staff are committed to growing their skills and capacities to ensure each child in our care is a successful student. The staff are further committed to shared leadership, collaborative practices, and the coaching and mentoring of colleagues.

Our school enjoys a strong sense of community and is supported by involved parents who place a high value on education. Parents play a key role in the School Board, and our school has an active P&C Association. The School Board consists of six parent members and five members of staff. The School Board contributes significantly to the strategic direction of the school.


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