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Ardross Primary School was established in 1961. The school offers an educational programme for children aged between 4 and 11 in the years Kindergarten to Year 6.

The school commands a healthy respect in the local community and has a reputation for being welcoming and supportive of all students' needs.

The students are well cared for and display appropriate behaviour, with almost all students regularly attired in school uniform.

Performance data indicates a strong level of achievement across the majority of the student population.

The staff are highly regarded in the local community for their dedication and professionalism. The majority of the staff are very experienced, with most having taught for 15 or more years. A variety of high quality student centred teaching-learning approaches operate within the school, with high expectations set for achievement and conduct.

The School employs teachers in a specialist capacity in Music, Visual Arts, LOTE (Japanese) and  Physical Education.

The school has a reputation for strong provision for students in the Arts. Students have access to a School Choir, a strings orchestra and percussion group. 

The school embraces all aspects of inclusivity. We maintain a high degree of pastoral care for students to ensure they are keen and enthusiastic to attend school.

To assist students who have been identified as being at educational risk in literacy and numeracy, resources have been committed to employing support staff to support the class teachers in addressing identified student needs.

We cater for a number of students with disabilities. Staff are supported in providing appropriate programs for students with special needs through the appointment of a Learning Support Coordinator two days per week.

The school has a well defined code of conduct and behaviour management plan that all staff follow. A whole school bullying intervention project - Friendly Schools Friendly Families has also been fully introduced across the school and includes detailed information for parents.

The school if fortunate to have a highly multicultural community, with students coming from a vast array of cultural backgrounds. The school has access to the services of a part time visiting ESL teacher and Teacher Assistants, who work across Ardross, Applecross and Mount Pleasant Primary Schools to support children in their acquisition of English skills.


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