Term 2 @ Ardross Primary School - High Importance

Important information regarding Teaching and Learning for ALL students at Ardross Primary School in Term 2.

Good Afternoon   

We trust that you all have been staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. Thank you to all the families who have been working at home with their children over the past few weeks. The teachers have been very excited to see the online responses and submissions during our trial and test phase of the online platforms. Our school community has embraced CONNECT as our communication tool and the teachers are feeling confident about delivering education to all students in Term 2. 

We have been in constant communication with the Director General of the WA Department of Education since the beginning of this pandemic. We received a directive from Lisa Rodgers (DG) outlining the expectations for Open Education in Term 2 at public schools 

It outlined that: 

  • All public schools will remain open. 
  • Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home.  
  • To ensure that all students' needs are met, staff will be present on school sites. 
  • All students will be taught: those attending schools and those learning at home. 
  • Student wellbeing remains a priority, notably for our most vulnerable students. 

We must highlight that our first priority is the health of all students, staff, parents, carers and families in the Ardross Primary School community. This means that it is vital the guidelines for students attending school are adhered to. 

Guidelines for sending your child to school in Term 2: 

  • Children of essential workers. 
  • Those who require schools to support them to overcome particular vulnerabilities.
  • To maintain employment (this does not include working from home). 

If your child/ren fall/s under one of the categories listed above and you DO NOT have the capacity to keep them at home then attending school is acceptable. To register your child as attending school in Term 2 please email ardross.ps@education.wa.edu.au with the following details ASAP:

1) Child’s name 

2) Year Level and Classroom Teachers 

3) Reason for child attending in line with the guidelines 

All students at
Ardross Primary School will receive exactly the same teaching and learning program regardless of whether they are learning from home or attending school. It is imperative that we have a consistent approach for all students in Term 2. 

Thank you for your constant support and care for all members of the community. There has been countless acts of good will and the staff are especially appreciative. 

Kind regards 

Ardross Primary School Executive Team 

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