Covid-19 Update 1st of April

1st of April - Tony Mirabella

As previously stated below, thank you to all Ardross PS community members for the continued support and patience through this period.

From the Department of Education:

  • Term 1 Week 9 from the 30th - 3rd of April  is the final week of learning programs for Term 1, meaning learning will CEASE at the end of this week
  • Term 1 Week 10 from the 6th of April to the 9th of April will be dedicated planning time for teachers to prepare for Open Education in Term 2
  • Students who currently do not attend school will be marked as a 'Reasonable' absence during this period
  • The 'Learning At Home' website will be continually updated with resources and activities over the coming weeks
  • There is a significant amount of work being dedicated to the online services provided by the Department of Education to cater for the current demand - Please be patient as things are upgraded and improved 

From the State Government:

  • Families who have the capacity to keep their children at home are strongly encouraged to do so
  • Children of parents who need to maintain employment and who cannot otherwise care for their children can attend school to be supervised in Week 10 from the 6th - 9th of April
  • Supervision does not mean a teaching and learning program will be delivered

From the Federal Government:

  • Prime Minister announced that further measures and restrictions are in place to slow the transmission of COVID-19 with schools remaining exempt from these measures and restrictions

Specifically from Ardross Primary School:

  • Parents MUST log into Connect to receive daily updates regarding Open Education at Ardross Primary School and also possible notices for their child/ren to view regarding their learning
  • Teachers will be trialing and testing Connect and other online platforms this week and next week - please refer to 'Open Education at Ardross Primary School' notice on the school website or Connect for more information on how this will occur
  • A document containing students logins for Online Platforms specific to your child/ren will be emailed to the email address you have on file with the Department of Education in the coming days - This won't include Connect login instructions
  • The School Chaplain Nathan Hoyle is still at school for the remainder of the term, and will be available by phone over the holidays. While face to face conversations aren't possible at this time, Nathan is very happy to use phone calls and video-conferencing to support our students and families. You're welcome to email to get in touch, and parents and carers can organise a call/video chat for their children starting today.

Thank you

Tony Mirabella

Ardross Primary School Update  COVID-19
23 March 2020
Thank you to everyone for your consideration of others in this time of uncertainty and potential change.  
In this update I aim to outline changes that will be in effect as of Tuesday 24 March 2020.  These changes are being made to ensure we minimise and prevent transmission of COVID-19 and keep our school community healthy and safe.  These guidelines are essential to ensure social distancing between adults and where possible children.  Students from Year 2 – 6 must be dropped off and picked up at the school gates.    Kindergarten,  Pre-primary and Year 1 students are to be dropped off and picked up at below entries.  Parents are not to enter classrooms.
 There will be four drop off and pick up areas for the school;
o Kindergarten – side gate near OSH
o Pre-primary & PP/Yr1 class – gate leading into PP play area next to Kiss n Drive
o Yr 1 – 6  Gate on oval next to Ardessie Street 
o Yr 1 – 6  Gate next to Pre-primary off Drumfern Street   
Gates will open at 8.35am and 3.10pm. 
The reception area is not a pick up and drop off area  Staff will be at gates to assist children if necessary  If your child is from Applecross Senior High School and assists in the collection of their brother/sister, they must also adhere to above.  Volunteer and parent help is cancelled  Gates to staff car park will be locked  After school programs, except OSH, to cease   No after school play   Gates will be closed at 3.20pm  Year 5/6 swimming is cancelled
There will be NO supervision of students prior to gates opening at 8.35 am and closing at 3.20pm.
If staff and children are unwell they must not attend school.  This includes high temperature, flu like symptoms, sore throat, stomach upsets and body aches.  If your child states they are unwell, please keep them home.  If I feel your child is too ill to attend school I will call for you to collect them.
Once again I must thank you for your understanding.   The above measures have been put in place for your child and our staff’s health and safety. 
I have placed this letter on our website which has a program that translates the content into many languages.
Kind regards
Sue Mikkelsen-Taylor

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