Welcome to the web page of our school canteen.  The school canteen is operated by the P&C.  The canteen operates on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we are always looking for volunteers to help out on these days during the term.  If you would be able to offer a small amount of your time to work in the canteen please contact the canteen manager, Dawn Diver, on 9364 2010.


Our canteen provides food based on the WA Health Traffic Light System.  Food and Nutrition Policy for WA Health Services uses a ‘traffic light’ colour system of food categorisation to identify and promote foods and drinks supplied to WA Health staff, visitors and the general public through food outlets, vending machines, catered events and fundraising activities at WA Health facilities.


Under the traffic light system, food and drink sold within WA Health services will be classified into categories based on their nutritional value, energy density and levels of saturated fat, added sugar, salt and fibre.

Food and drinks in the first column are those classified 'GREEN' in the 'traffic light' system and are recommended for everyday consumption.  Food and drinks in the 'AMBER' category in the 'traffic light' system are not recommended as 'every day' choices and their availability to students should be limited.  Food and drinks in the third column are categorised as 'RED' in the 'traffic light' system and are not permitted in WA public school canteens or food services.


To see which foods are included in each category click on the following link:Green, Amber and Red Foods 


To view our Summer menu click on the link below: