Welcome to Ardross Primary School

School Vision:

We strive to support and develop enthusiastic students and instil in them a love of learning to help them reach their potential, both socially and academically, and to embrace and adapt to a changing world.


We accomplish this through:

  • Supporting a dedicated and capable staff,
  • Maintaining a welcoming and supportive school community,
  • Developing a collaborative environment for all,
  • Providing a diverse, inclusive and innovative curriculum, and
  • Developing and maintaining contemporary resources and facilities.


Our logo and motto:







Ardross Primary School was established in 1961. The school offers an educational program for approx. 400 children aged between 4 and 11, from Kindergarten to Year Six. Our students are renowned for their inclusivity, eagerness and conscientiousness. They are  well friendly, behaved and well presented. Ardross is recognised for its strong, dedicated and professional staff. The majority are very experienced, with most having taught for 15 or more years. A variety of high quality student centred teaching-learning approaches operate within the school, with high expectations set for achievement and conduct.

The school employs teachers in a specialist capacity in Visual Arts, LOTE (Japanese), Phys Ed and Music. Students have access to a school choir, strings orchestra and instrumental Music programs. Student academic performance data indicates a very high level of achievement across all learning areas. Students perform well above the state average in the National Literacy and Numeracy Assessments as well as State Monitoring Standards testing in Science and Society and Environment.  Teacher judgments and moderation activities see approximately 80% of students achieving A and B levels.


As you can see by the list above, Ardross has received recognition at world, national and state levels for excellence in the development of students’ thinking skills, positive attitudes and practical steps towards sustainability. Ardross students also came first in both the State and National levels of the prestigious Future Problem Solving competition. In 2009 at the “Future Problem Solving – International Conference" in USA, they placed 3rd. This was an amazing result against 50 world class teams. Ardross also won the state Sustainable Cities, Keep Australia Beautiful Council’s Award for “Waste and Litter Reduction”. These outstanding achievements reflect the excellence in skills, knowledge and attitudes across the school from Kindergarten to Year 6. This success is due to deliberate and thorough planning, teachers’ willingness to embrace best-practice pedagogy and technology, the input of parents and community members and the students’ enthusiasm and positive actions.


Ardross embraces the holistic needs of the child. Our School Chaplain assists staff with pastoral care for students to ensure they are keen and enthusiastic to attend school. Additional resources are committed to students identified as being at educational risk in literacy and numeracy and we cater for a number of students with disabilities. Teachers are supported in providing appropriate programs for students with special needs through the appointment of a Learning Support Coordinator.


The school is fortunate to have a highly multicultural community. 47 cultural groups are represented by our students. 40% speak a language other than English at home. These students are supported by an EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher and Education Assistants, who work to support children in their acquisition of English skills.